Can Dickens special order a book for me?

Yes. Please let a staff person know of the book you want when you are at the store or phone or email the information to us. If it is a current title and your order reaches us Monday through Friday, we will order it from one of our distributors who has it in stock. Generally we will have the book within a few days. If the title is no longer in print, we will do a book search among our nearly 6,000 associated stores and will let you know of its availability and cost. If you approve we will then order the book for you. Depending where the book is coming from it may take up to 15 days to receive it.

How do I get on Dickens' mailing/email list?

There are two ways to get on Dickens mail/email list: send us an email with your contact information to [email protected], or if you are in the store, ask for a mail/email contact information form. Dickens does not sell or lend out its customer contact information and will only use it to send information to its customers. You can opt out at any time by sending your request to [email protected] or by phone at 860-361-6855 or simply by telling us the next time you are in the store.

Does Dickens purchase used books from individuals?

Dickens does not make cash purchases of used books brought in by individuals. Dickens now only accepts books for consignment sale in store and online for store credit. Please contact Dickens to obtain a copy of our current consignment policy. Under no circumstance should you bring in books for consignment without calling ahead for an appointment and to receive necessary instruction for packing your books.

Can I show my artwork in Dickens gallery?

Upon review and approval of samples of your artwork, Dickens offers an opportunity for artists and craftspeople to exhibit their work to the public. Dickens will help publicize the showing, provide its facilities for an opening reception, hang/install pieces, and distribute price sheets and promotional materials. Typically a showing lasts for 60 days. Any unsold pieces must be removed within 5 days of the closing. If you are interested in a gallery showing of your work please call for an appointment and be sure to ask for a copy of Dickens Gallery consignment policy.

I'm an author, how can I get my books in Dickens' inventory?

Dickens is open to carrying any author's books as long as it meets its standards. Dickens will not carry poorly edited or written books, and will not carry works that are of a pornographic nature. Generally books are accepted for inventory based on published reviews, customer requests, published sales performance, and review by staff. Many times bound galleys or sample copies are sent to Dickens for review. For new books, Dickens either purchases books from one of its distributors or directly from the publisher as long as return privileges are granted. For self-published works, Dickens will accept books for consignment sale provided that they meet Dickens standards and that the author is currently promoting their title. Books are accepted for 60 days and may be renewed perpetually depending on their sales history. Books that do not sell in the 60 day period unless renewed by Dickens choice will be removed from inventory and must be removed by the author within 5 days of their 60-day showing. If the author does not remove their books they will be donated to a charitable organization of Dickens' choice and Dickens will have no further obligation to the author. Author's books accepted for consignment are done so under the current consignment policy. If you are a self-published author looking to sell titles through Dickens be sure to ask for a copy of the author consignment policy.